"Insane Johnny boy.. The one man band from the swampland. Just wants to rock around the clock with 6 strings in his hand! The music is only the finest alligator swamp trash rock South Florida has to offer!" 

               Johnny, born with a pick in his hand, was captivated from a young age by the original rockers of the eras of the 50's and 60's. Gene Vincet, Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley, Wanda Jackson, Buddy Holly, Dion, Nancy Sinatra, and so many more... 

              He grew up in the marshes of Loxahatchee and was home-schooled. There was a population of maybe 23 homes in the area. There weren't a lot of people around so he didn't have very many friends. Instead he spent his time learning guitar, primarily 50's music. His parents had a great deal of those records lying around... His Mom loved Elvis and his Dad was a greaser. Since there was no one around, he started learning the songs with all the instruments he had accumulated. Once he realized he could make the noise of a band himself, he never stopped. The guitars he had were very cheap. They would often break a lot, still do. He used to fix them with matchsticks because that's what he had lying around.. Later on when he started playing in garage bands as a teenager, he would show up to practices and his bandmates would call him Matchstick... So the name just stuck. Growing up all he listened to was 50's music. He also had a collection of Science Fiction/Horror films on VHS... Plan 9 from Outer Space, Bride of the Monster, Attack of the 50 ft. Women, and The Blob just to name a few... He wanted to combine the two things. Like if Ed Wood were to have made records instead of movies what would that sound like? Then later on, he got into lots of 1970's punk rock. It attracted him not only because of the music itself, but the statement it was making, and the cultural importance of it. 

                This year in August, he put out his first full length 12 track record called "Cookies n Milk Rock n Roll". Now on Spotify and Itunes. Also, a brand new single released this December called "Rockin' On Mars". He's playing very frequently out and around his hometown. He's heading out on an east coast tour in March! So look out for that! He might be coming to your town! Dates are coming soon! Sign up to the new mailing list, The "Matchstick Johnny Switchblade Club". Get FREE merch sent to you each month. It could be anything from a new unreleased track or a hand written letter.... as well as an update of where he's playing. But you won't know unless you sign up! So what are you waiting for??!!!