One Man Band from the swamps of south Florida... Rockin' and a rollin' just like a tornado of rhythm and blues! 
Playin the guitar just like ringin' a bell.  Matchstick Johnny, your friendly neighborhood, jivin', hip shakin', fun lovin', swingin' little guitar man!

      Chosen as a tip of the hat to the great blues men and folk heroes of our time. T-Bone Walker, T-Model Ford, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and Lead Belly just to name a few. An ode to the American folk and blues artists that shaped his sound as well as modern garage rock music. The one person with a guitar set out to change the world mentality. Matchstick Johnny has become a known local favorite for his intense and highly energetic live show. 

So far with one full album, a 45 record, multiple singles, and a handful of east coast U.S. tours under his thumb, Matchstick Johnny continues to release music and tour frequently. Check him out. Grab a limited edition record on this very site!