The ever-evolving musical group known as Matchstick Johnny started as a rock n' roll duo project making recordings out of a garage in Boynton Beach, FL. early 2016. The group came to fruition by main singer-songwriter Johnny Ray Martin with numerous phases and iterations since it's conception. Matchstick Johnny continues to blend their take on 50's garage and surf rock classic's with hints of mind expanding and experimental music of the 60's seemingly built into the swamps and beaches of their hometown.  They've toured as a duo, trio, even as a solo act. The one constant has been Johnny Martin's ability to write, record, and produce music completely independent of any major record labels. Matchstick Johnny, chosen as a tip of the hat to the great blues men and folk heroes of our time. T-Bone Walker, T-Model Ford, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and Lead Belly just to name a few. An ode to the American folk and blues artists that shaped their sound as well as modern garage rock music. The one person with a guitar set out to change the world mentality. Matchstick Johnny has become a known local favorite for their ability to put on an intense and highly energetic live show. 

So far with one full album, a 45 record, multiple singles, and a handful of east coast U.S. tours  under their belt, Matchstick Johnny continues to release music and tour frequently. Check them out this year as they travel up the coast to play the iconic Heavy Rebel Weekender Festival in Winston-Salem, NC. this July. This marks their third appearance at the festival along with some of their favorite garage rock heroes and friends. Look out for new music and tour dates coming soon.