One man band from the swamps of South Florida. Rockin' and a rollin' just like a tornado of rhythm and blues!  Matchstick Johnny has become a local favorite, known for his intense and highly energetic live shows. His music incorporates lost styles from the 50's and 60's.

Don’t let anyone tell you that rockabilly is dead. And definitely don’t tell Johnny Ray, a man of many monikers. You may know him as Matchstick Johnny or Johnny Matchstick or Johnny the Matchstick Man. Hailing from Loxahatchee, Florida, Johnny’s release two full-length albums and is releasing “Let Me Tell You All About My Baby” on his very own label, Reeltone Recordings, which specializes in analog tape recording techniques.

You can hear Johnny having the time of his life as he contorts around the guttural sounds in his vocals and stretches himself out like a cat on his guitar licks. “Let Me Tell You” is unpredictable and, most importantly, fun as hell. 

As Johnny puts it, “It’s a jivin, rockin little record and you should give it a play!”

-Rachel Cholst, Adobe & Teardrops